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Professional CCTV Drain Surveys in Surrey

Maclaren Drainage specialise in providing highly detailed CCTV Drain Surveys Surrey. We use the very latest, cutting edge drain camera technology to produce inspection reports for property surveyors and homebuyers mortgages. We ensure every CCTV Drain Survey has the sufficient detail and both visual and written evidence to support any type of professional investigation.

Every drainage report is produced by a highly experienced drain engineer with the expertise and tools to ensure a thorough and meticulous drain inspection. The report received on completion is guaranteed to be detailed and provide both visual and written evidence of the exact state of your drainage network.

So what is a CCTV Drain Survey…

CCTV drain inspections provide a detailed camera view of exactly what the inside of the drain looks like. It allows us to easily locate any cracks or damage and assess the state of the drain so we can choose the correct solution to any problem. The process begins by thoroughly cleaning the inside of the drain by using a high power water jetting machine. This helps to add to the quality of the images taken and also means we can more easily identify any defects. We then feed into the drain a drain inspection camera and whilst the camera navigates through the pipe, the findings are recorded and displayed on a monitor whilst being analysed by our experience engineers. All significant findings and general observations are noted, assessed in great detail

Do you need a CCTV Drain Survey in Surrey?

Property surveyors and homebuyers mortgages commonly require a professional CCTV Drain Survey in Surrey. We also recommend any drains that are becoming blocked regularly (more than 3 times a year) to undergo one of our meticulous drain inspections. It is the quickest way of accurately and effectively concluding whether or not your drains are damaged. Our CCTV drain surveys in Surrey are produced using state-of-the-art camera technology that will spot any cracks in the drain which may be allowing any unwanted waste, debris or tree roots into the drainage system. This is a very common reason for blockages because it can have a great effect on the flow capacity of the drain and also provide very stubborn obstacle for your waste to get past.

Using this process allows us to quickly locate the damage without any excavation taking place. It’s fast and can be completed within the hour causing no disruption to the immediate environment around the drainage. Our drainage specialists will inspect the high quality images and ensure the correct course of action is taken to restore the drainage back to its original state.

It’s important any damaged drainage is identified at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so could result in the major and costly repairs needing to take place. If we can locate the defects early enough we can often repair the drain using innovative patch lining repairs or ‘no-dig’ drain lining technology.

We complete CCTV Drain Surveys in Surrey for residential and commercial drainage


Upon completion of your CCTV Drain Surveys in Surrey, our experienced analysis team will thoroughly inspect the recordings and produce a highly professional written report. This report will include important information about any defects or damages within your drainage. It will identify the exact locations of problems, summarise the overall condition of the drainage and suggest which cost-effective solutions should be taken to ensure the drainage operates as it should.

Our drain camera technology produces such clear images and video recordings that we can easily monitor every section of your drainage, whether residential or commercial, and guarantee the most informative survey available. Your highly detailed written drain survey will be accompanied by a DVD of the recordings taken within the drain. This will provide visual evidence for you and any other third party so that you can progress with whatever steps you wish to take next.

Maclaren Drainage have the specialist equipment and engineers to solve any drain related issue and if you have used our expert service for CCTV Drain Surveys in Surrey, then we will fix any issues at a discounted rate. Once the work has been completed we will provide you with around the clock support and advise you on how you can prevent issues with your drainage in the future.

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drainage company in surrey
drainage company surrey


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