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Drain Repair in Surrey

Maclaren Drainage offers residential and commercial customers a specialist service for Drain Repair in Surrey. Damaged and cracked drainage must be professionally repaired to ensure your drainage remains efficient. Failure to effectively repair the drain can lead to regular blockages or collapsed drains which can be costly to repair and require excavation.

We have invested in the latest innovative drain repair equipment enabling us to offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions for drain repair in Surrey. Our equipment, coupled together with our expert engineers, allows us to offer various different types of repairs without the need for excavation. This ‘no-dig’ drain repair technology means we can often fix any drainage problem within a few hours and without the need to disturb the immediate environment with unnecessary digging.

If you are experiencing regular blockages with your drains, believe you can smell your drains from surface level or have been told you have damaged drains then please get in touch today. We are on call 24/7 365 days a year and you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly engineers who will offer you free advice or arrange a free, no obligation estimate.

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Professional Drain Repair Surrey

As a family run company located in the heart of Surrey we are able to offer a reliable and often same day service for drain repair in Surrey. All of our engineers live in Surrey and have the experience, skills and equipment to diagnose and repair damaged or faulty drainage quickly.

Patch Repairs

If only one section of drain is damaged then we can use patch lining equipment to effectively repair it. It avoids the need for excavation and repairs the damaged pipe by essentially forming a new pipe within it. Using our hi-tech drain camera technology we can easily locate the damage and provide a professional patch repair relatively quickly. To find out more about patch lining and how the process works please click here

Drain Relining

Drain Relining is another cost-effective method for repairing damaged drains but is more complex than a patch repair, requiring slightly more time and a confident, highly experienced engineer. It’s very important you use a specialists drainage contractor for any drain relining work who can get the job done successfully at the first attempt. If it isn’t done correctly it can result in costly excavation work having to be carried out.

The drain relining process uses a flexible liner with resin that is pushed along the drain. Once heated and subsequently cooled, the liner moulds to the sides of the original pipe. It’s an innovative method that has replaced some more traditional drain repair services. To find out more about our service for drain relining in Surrey please click here


For more serious issues such as collapsed or severely damaged drainage the drain repair in Surrey may mean complete replacement of the dray. Excavation will be required to carry this out as new drain pipes need to be installed beneath the ground surface. Such damage to the drains can often occur when groundworks are taking place and the building contractor is unaware of where the drainage is. Maclaren Drainage specialise in all types of drain repair in Surrey and can arrange a free, no obligation estimate at your site to assess the damage and determine what the best solution is for your drains.

Specialist drain repair in Surrey by expert engineers

The process for drain repair in Surrey must be carried out by time served, knowledgable engineers to ensure the correct, cost-effective solution is found. Maclaren Drainage benefits from having a family run team that has been in the drainage industry with combined experience of over 30 years. In this time we have acquired the skills and equipment to carry out all types of sewer repairs.

We must first diagnose the damage and locate it. Our process begins by thoroughly cleaning the drains using our high power water jetting equipment. It’s important that the inner surface of the drain pipe if free of dirt to ensure our drain camera kit can clearly inspect for any damages and defects.

Once cleaned we then send down into the pipe our state-of-the-art CCTV drain surveying equipment to collect detailed images and recordings from within the drain. Our expert engineers will be on hand and, using their years of experience, will be closely assessing the findings. After thoroughly studying the video footage we will suggest the most cost-effective solution to fix the issue. As a reputable drainage company you can rest assured that our honesty is one of our core values and we always provide a completely transparent service throughout, notifying you of any potential costings before work is carried out.

Hopefully any damages within the drain will only require a patch repair which is usually the least expensive and least disruptive of all of the drain repair services. To find out more about our service for drain repair in Surrey or to arrange a free estimate please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team on the contact numbers below.

Mobile: 07826 238567

Office: 01372 434591

Email: info@maclarendrainage.co.uk

How do I know my drains are damaged?

In truth, it’s relatively difficult to know whether or not your drains are damaged without sending our CCTV drain camera down into the sewer network to inspect. However there are a few symptoms you can look out for which could suggest that you may require drain repair in Surrey.

If your drains are blocking more than twice a year then we consider this to be unusual and there could be underlying issues inside the drain piper.

It’s also worth considering the density of large trees within the immediate proximity of the sewer network. If your drains are blocking regularly and there is a high population of trees within the vicinity of the pipes then tree root damage may have taken place. Tree root damage is very common but can be dealt with without the need for excavation using innovative robotic tree root cutting equipment and a patch repair.

After large building work or groundworks have been carried out on a building it can be more common for drains to become blocked. Usually this is because unwanted debris has found its way into the drains, however if the problem persists it’s possible that the drain pipe could have been breached by powerful digging equipment and cracked or collapsed.

if you recognise any of the above and would like to have your drains investigated by our specialist team then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We provide free estimates and can meet you on site to quickly assess your drainage. For more information please get in touch, one of our friendly team is ready for your call.

Mobile: 07826 238567

Office: 01372 434591

Email: info@maclarendrainage.co.uk

drainage company in surrey
drainage company in surrey
drainage company surrey


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